We’re sure most of you have inherited vintage electronics from your relatives. The technology behind them might be outdated, but many of these will still outlast modern offerings. These days, manufacturers are all about profit with products that last a year or so at most. Nocs Design, on the other hand, intends to shake it up with the Monolith.

What the audio company proposes is a premium speaker system owners are likely to keep for years. Although it ships with the usual warranty to assure buyers of its quality, things will eventually break down. This is what Nocs Design wants to address via a clever modular feature.

Its housing is robust and will withstand ages of playback. However, its speaker drivers and modules are replaceable and upgradeable. Each unit is meticulously built by hand in Sweden. Instead of mass production, this artisanal approach ensures complete control over its durability and craftsmanship.

The Monolith measures 21.5” x 15” x 7” and weighs 26.45 lbs. Its construction uses local birch plywood which undergoes a CNC process for precise geometry. After four layers of oil and wax, it receives a final treatment to give it a stylish matte black finish.

Supplying the high-end speaker drivers is Scan-Speak – a Danish audio firm. The monolith packs three 3.5” full-range drivers for the mids and highs with two dual-vented 6” woofers for the lows. Nocs amplitude tuning allows listeners to enjoy consistent acoustic reproduction.

Apart from its USB service port at the back, Nocs Design opts for a modern experience. Hence, wireless connectivity via dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 are on board. Stream music using your iOS and Android devices and connect up to 8 Monolith speakers for a custom setup at home.

Images courtesy of Nocs Design