In the custom bike scene, each shop has its favorite brands to work with. Among the popular manufacturers, we often see there’s Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, Triumph, Indian, Harley-Davison, and BMW, among others. The latter has been receiving a lot of love as of late, which is why we’re now welcoming another stunning ride based on the R 18 from Nmoto and Zillers Motorcycles.

Now, this is how you execute a futuristic silhouette without geometric shapes and over-the-top LED lighting. Instead, the duo gives the BMW R 18 an alluring outline with the curves of its fairings. To accommodate these upgrades, the donor bike relinquishes the stock body kit and fuel tank.

This makes way for the bespoke visual tweaks envisioned by the team. We’re feeling a hint of aviation vibe here with the sleek carbon fiber panels wrapping around the frame, forks, and swingarm. We then have a titanium exhaust system that peeks out just enough from the covers. Nmoto and Zillers also use milled aluminum and 3D printing to complete the aerodynamics of the R 18.

If it seems like something is missing from the handlebars, it’s because the flip-up instrument panel is now on the fuel tank. Similar to their previous works, this BMW R 18 drops the side stand and rests on pegs underneath. What makes this possible is the custom air suspension from Zillers motorcycles.

The wheels are both milled from forged aluminum and CNC machined. Meanwhile, the decorative spokes give it even more character. The 1,802-cc boxer twin engine outputs 91 horsepower and 116 lb-ft of torque. Only 13 of these will see action globally. Moreover, clients can even order it as a kit to assemble themselves. Ultimately, Zillers and Nmoto are doing a dynamite job on this custom BMW R 18.

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Images courtesy of Nmoto/Zillers Motorcycles