A while back, before most of us learned the proper adjective to call creations like it, we referred to anything with an old-school vibe as “traditional” or “classic.” Although there’s nothing wrong with that, we believe it’s more appropriate to describe the Golden Age from Nmoto as a masterpiece on two wheels. To be specific, it’s an art deco showcase.

This build takes a BMW C 400 X and overhauls the silhouette into something you’ll find on vintage automobiles of the 1930s. This is one retro ride you’ll want to keep using as its aerodynamic curves begs to be noticed. According to the shop, “the Golden Age channels the 1936 Henderson Courtney Prototype.”

Powering this sleek scooter is a 2020 BMW 350cc engine producing 34 horsepower. Although its new shell makes it seem like a snapshot of the past, its capabilities are definitely contemporary. Meanwhile, Nmoto says it “employs all the modern convenience, technology and reliability” of the donor machine.

Stuff like Bluetooth connectivity, keyless ignition, FlexCase storage for up to two helmets, heated seats/steering grips, and more. Urban mobility aboard the Golden Age should be fun as the low center of gravity makes it very stable. Moreover, Nmoto states the The C 400 X is “always a good foundation.”

We love how they integrate the iconic kidney grilles vertically up front. The body kit is carbon fiber – there’s a total of nine pieces. Depending on the viewing angle, the Golden Age somehow reminds us of Piaggio’s iconic scooter. Nevertheless, its form factor is distinctly different.

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Images courtesy of Nmoto