Casio’s G-SHOCK series remains the top dog when it comes to toughness. The Japanese company has built a stellar reputation over the years and intends to keep it that way for a long time. However, watch brands like Nixon also have rugged models available like the Regulus MK-1. Aesthetics-wise, its blackout profile gives it a shadowy vibe.

Only the most snobbish watch collector will brush off any non-mechanical timekeeping instrument. However, for the rest of us who are more open-minded regarding what we wear around our wrists, the Regulus MK-1 is an understated yet elegant choice. To give it remarkable durability against bumps or drops, Nixon uses special materials with excellent shock absorption characteristics.

The 44.5 mm case is of a “custom, injection-molded fiber and reinforced polycarbonate” construction. Moreover, the manufacturer surrounds the LCD module with a PORON housing to negate any forces that may damage the electronics. For comparison, Casio opts for a combination of metals, resin, and composites, depending on the model.

Meanwhile, the case back of the Regulus MK-1 is stainless steel with four screws to lock it tightly. Engravings of the Nixon branding, the model, and other relevant information are all here. The timepiece boasts an impressive 328-foot water resistance. Its square silhouette should have its fair share of fans, especially with the military-inspired design.

“Designed in conjunction with US Special Forces then re-geared with the most mandatory functions. The Regulus MK-1 combines specialized, high-tech features with sleek and practical design. Less bulk for more critical deployment,” writes Nixon. Slap one now on your wrist for only $200.

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Images courtesy of Nixon