Blackouts, power interruptions, and outages can ruin any perfectly good day be it at home or at work. After all, we rely on electricity so we can go about our day. But power banks can only do so much when it comes to heavy-duty needs. Thankfully, power generators are available just like the Nitecore NPS600 Power Station.

This portable generator is tough on power outages with its amazing 594Wh (165000mAh) capacity. It provides a consistent and limitless amount of on-the-go power supply so you can be comfortable anytime and anywhere. In context, it can power an iPhone 11 45 times, run a laptop 10 times, and even power a 32″ TV for ten hours. You can have backup light using a 5W LED bulb for 107 hours.

Moreover, the Nitecore NPS600 Power Station gives you five charging capabilities. It has an AC and 12V cigarette lighter output, a 12V DC output, and a USB-C and USB-A port. It even supports simultaneous charging for efficient multitasking. As for its portability, this one is light enough for your outdoor adventure at just 5.83 kg. It also has an ergonomic carrying handle and compact for a comfortable carry.

This backup power supply is designed for travel with its built-in suspension points from the sides and the bottom of the interior for stability. It also has anti-shock rubber soles to provide cushioning against a fall or an impact. Plus, it is kept safe from overheating and overcharging using an advanced battery management system that regulated temperature.

The Nitecore NPS600 Power Station is also off-grid ready with its ability to recharge via a 100W solar panel for a 6-hour full charge. It takes 11 hours to recharge it via an AC adapter or car charger.

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Images courtesy of Nitecore