The Nitecore LR40 lantern is perfect for camping or a backyard bash with its compact yet fully-functional design. It puts out a max of 100 Lumens and boasts a runtime of 65 hours (good for eight nights).

This torch has three light sources for camping and ambient lighting (warm light at 80 lumens max, white light 50 lumens, warm white light at 100 lumens). A simple short press of the knob switch lets you toggle between the light sources when the torch is on. Warm light puts out a tungsten filament-like LED, White Light for natural or practical illumination, and Warm White Light offers dual light output. It also has Red Light SOS for emergency situations.

The Nitecore LR40 runs on a rechargeable 4,000mAh lithium ion battery equipped with a USB-C input and USB-A output. The different ports are handy when using the battery to charge compatible devices like smartphones and more. Power indicators show the remaining battery so you’d know when it’s time to recharge. Four light dots show a full charge, three dots means there is 75% power left, two and one light dots show approximately 50% and 25% battery left, respectively. 

This camping lantern can be used in multiple ways thanks to its retro style design. It has a handle with a convex design for more stable hanging while a stable metal base boasting high hardness protection lets you settle the torch on a table or a flat surface. Aside from the metal base, the Nitecore LR40 also has a durable and impact-resistant ABS plastic housing that holds the handle in place at the top.  

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Images courtesy of Nitecore