Get creative and add a whimsical touch to your camping setup with the Nitecore Bubble. This is a portable lantern shaped like a bubble, hence its name. Yet it’s bright enough to light up your tent or a barely lit path.

This torch provides even and warm illumination with a maximum output of 100 lumens from four high CRI LEDs. It has three brightness modes: High, Mid, and Low with 100 lumens, 40, and 6 lumens, respectively. Under High runtime is five hours, and ten and 42 hours for Mid and Low, respectively.

If you want cozy illumination, the Nitecore Bubble lantern also features Candle Mode at 110-120 lumens which is good for five hours. It operates via a simple touch interface which you touch and hold to turn the light on and off. You also adjust the brightness level through the same touch switch design. This torch also has a lock mode to prevent accidental activation while on the move or during extended storage periods, thus conserving battery life. 

Built for the outdoors, this lantern is waterproof and dustproof to IPX4. It comes with a top cover and an ultra-slim silicone shade for a playful design that’s ideal for camping and other outdoor adventures. It even features a silicone handle for multiple options to secure the light: hanging, carrying with your hand, or attaching it magnetically to a metal surface. 

The Nitecore Bubble lantern is powered by either three AAA batteries (included) or via an HLB1300 USB-C rechargeable li-ion battery (sold separately).  It is lightweight at 2.5 oz. and measures 2.83″ L x 5.20 W. This lamp even comes in an assortment of colors for the silicone shade including Languid Lavender, Misty Rose, Snow White, Tulip Yellow, and Pale Mint. 

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Images courtesy of Nitecore