Have you ever taken into consideration what posture helps you become even more productive? This is something we might have never seriously thought about due to our hectic lifestyle, but it surely varies for each person. Some prefer to stand, while others remain seated, and then the rest are outliers who would benefit from the Movably Pro.

We’ve seen our fair share of odd furniture designs, but only a few offer a level of adjustability as this unique crowdfunding project. Even before the pandemic forced us to adopt a hybrid work setup wherein there are days spent in the office and at home, people already sought ways to boost productivity. It turns out the studies were right all along.

As healthcare experts put it, we need to stand up, stretch, or move about every hour or so to stay alert, regain focus, and improve circulation. Hence, you’ve likely seen a huge spike in demand for height-adjustable desks. The way we see it, the Movably Pro is a potential game-changer for the modern workstation.

From an aesthetic standpoint, it resembles an office chair with split seats which is then mounted on an extended base with a footrest at the other end. However, what it truly brings to the workplace is outstanding versatility coupled with smart features never seen before in office chairs. The Movably Pro’s construction uses premium materials such as 6000 series aluminum, steel, and glass fiber reinforced polymer.

According to its press materials, it promotes dynamic movements with more than seven postures. These can be set to automatically change in intervals or manually toggled by the user depending on their comfort level. The Movably Pro can support a maximum weight limit of 275 lbs. and a user height between 5’2″ to 6’4″ for the best results. As of this writing, their Indiegogo campaign is already at $89,265 from 58 backers with 20 days left.

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Images courtesy of Movably Inc.