Most modern manufacturing processes have integrated robotics to streamline processes that are typically labor-intensive and dangerous. The automotive industry now relies on these automated systems to optimize assembly and boost production. Meanwhile, Nissan came up with a cool concept product called the Iruyo to help parents deal with restless children in the backseat while they drive.

Kids are great but can be overwhelmingly a handful at times. Since driving requires our utmost attention, any form of distraction can increase the risk of road mishaps. Nobody wants to get into an accident, especially with their little ones in the vehicle. 

Therefore, the Japanese carmaker has partnered with baby product company Akachan Honpo to come up with an innovative solution. The Iruyo is designed to resemble a cute stuffed toy, albeit an interactive one to keep younger children engaged during a trip.

These work in pairs with the larger unit assigned to the backseat, while its smaller companion is positioned at the front. Sensors and cameras actively monitor the facial expressions of the baby or toddler and react appropriately. It can sing, comfort, and even play with them.

Both groups surveyed Japanese parents and found that the majority drove alone with their children. Furthermore, this meant it was difficult to soothe them when they cried. Trials conducted with the Iruyo yielded positive results and nailed down the ideal colors kids found appealing overall.

Once the petite passengers fall asleep, the supporting Iruyo also closes its eyes. This is a visual indicator for the parent that their tyke is off to dreamland. Nissan did not disclose if there are plans for commercial production, but their favorable findings could drive the project forward. 

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Images courtesy of Nissan/Akachan Honpo