Since its frustratingly rocky launch in 2020, CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 has received multiple updates to address game-breaking bugs and improve gameplay. We admit that it’s significantly better now and even recently surged in popularity courtesy of Netflix’s anime adaptation. Hence, Nissan’s reveal of the Max-Out is just in time when folks are hyped about futuristic motoring.

We can’t say for sure that Cyberpunk 2077 is the sole cause because people in general are just thrilled to see what cars will look like in the next few years. Moreover, with all the interest surrounding most carmakers’ electrification roadmaps, the Japanese manufacturer’s latest green sports car concept announcement is just in time.

Nissan initially teased the Max-Out in 2021 together with other EV concepts. Among the lineup, this is the model that exudes a motorsport vibe. This open-top two-seater shows an illuminated rectangular vent instead of a traditional grille on the front. It frames layers of LED light strips to form the headlights.

The EV mirrors this design on the rear as well, but in red and with the company name dead center. Meanwhile, the cockpit of the Max-Out flaunts a display that almost spans the entirety of the dashboard. Both the driver and passenger can interact with the screen for various functions.

You can also see a yoke-style steering wheel, but there are no pedals. This implies the Max-Out should ship with autonomous driving capabilities. As for the powertrain, Nissan did not disclose any details yet but sources claim it might use a solid-state battery unit. If so, this would help with weight management and support faster charging speeds.

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Images courtesy of Nissan