Just when we thought the Tesla Cybertruck was the blockiest EV out there, Nissan came up with an avant-garde answer at the recently concluded Japan Mobility Show 2023. Due to the overwhelming number of commercial announcements, the debut of the Hyper Punk concept might have been overlooked by the automotive industry. Nonetheless, the company has a specific crowd in mind for this model.

Mobile internet quality and performance continue to improve as service providers constantly upgrade their networks to meet the demands of an ever-connected lifestyle. Content creators can now hit the road and still enjoy online access to upload their works as soon as its ready. These are the crowd Nissan hopes to cater to with the electric crossover SUV.

The faceted exterior and fractal patterns of its lighting systems endow the Hyper Punk with a gem-like appeal. Meanwhile, a notable feature of this green machine is what the manufacturer refers to as V2X. This technology prioritizes the owner’s need for a reliable power supply to keep their devices fully charged and ready for action at all times.

Furthermore, the multiple integrated cameras constantly capture images of your surroundings and use AI to generate unique graphics that can be used for various projects. The Polygonal theme even extends into the cabin adorned with geometric elements on the flooring, seats, dashboard, steering yoke, and instrument panel.

We’re unsure if these surfaces also double as sound insulation, but they seem so. The designers certainly did not hold back when it came to a futuristic motif. “The EV concept emphasizes self-expression through high customization and connectivity to enhance creativity. With AI and headrest biosensors, the concept can detect the driver’s mood and select the right music and lighting,” writes Nissan.

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Images courtesy of Nissan