If you are developing a rugged and powerful machine that can tackle the toughest challenges, assessing its capabilities is crucial. Like many others, Nissan believes its Ariya is up to snuff when it comes to extreme tests of performance. Hence, the company announces the Pole to Pole voyage which will push its electric SUV to the absolute limit.

According to the Japanese group, “Pole to Pole is the ultimate electric expedition and a world first.” Participating in this grueling adventure are Chris Ramsey and Julie Ramsey – a husband and wife duo. They will be traveling more than 16,000 miles aboard an upgraded Ariya with the help of Arctic Trucks.

This amazing journey involves three continents and spans approximately 10 months. As sources point out, the team starts from the magnetic North Pole and charts a path through the Americas all the way down to the South Pole. This ambitious undertaking is not only a publicity move to showcase the EV.

It also helps raise awareness regarding climate change. Moreover, it promotes the use of renewable energy sources for future mobility solutions. The Nissan Ariya for this endeavor boasts a suspension upgrade and larger wheel arches to accommodate the 39” tires. In order to recharge, the electric SUV will tow a prototype trailer which carries a wind turbine alongside solar panels.

With plenty of sunshine and strong winds along the way, it should keep the Pole to Pole trip going. With the help of e-4ORCE electric all-wheel-control technology, the Pole to Pole Ariya should easily traverse over difficult terrain. Finally, cool add-ons include a drone, a weather station, and an espresso machine.

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Images courtesy of Nissan