The wave of nostalgia is stronger than ever. Various manufacturers tap into their previous catalogs to bring older products back to life. You can clearly observe this when it comes to retro automobile rebuilds and restorations. One example is the Nintendo Switch Classic NES Controllers. It seems like almost everybody wants a piece of something memorable from the past as a form of comfort. It’s a habit that we wholeheartedly support and enjoy.

Gearheads are not the only individuals who reminisce about days gone by as video game companies also want a piece of the pie. Lately, Nintendo is one such brand to supply nostalgic gamers with products that awaken childhood memories. We fondly recall waking up on Christmas day to unwrap the latest game system of our time. Now, the Switch features a huge library of 8-bit games. Most of these titles play best with a familiar controller design based on the classic NES gamepads.

These effortlessly slide into the Joy-Con slots of the hybrid gaming device to charge. You will notice that some buttons are strangely absent—this is apparently an intentional design since these controllers will only work with a curated number of classic games. We were surprised to learn that these classic NES Switch controllers can only be purchased along with Nintendo’s upcoming game streaming service. Get ready to part with your $60 for a pair of these retro beauties.

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