Unlike its rivals Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is very protective of its first-party IPs. For years, the company has cultivated a family-friendly image that continues to this day. Thus, it aggressively goes after any unlicensed attempts to cash in on its portfolio. Therefore, Sergen Çağlayan is lucky that his Nintendo FP concept is not an actual product.

According to the Turkish industrial designer, this device is a coffee machine with cool extras. His use of colors such as red, white, and blue gives it a toy-like appeal. There are hints of black and silver on some parts but are too minimal to take away from the vibrant presentation.

Those who own a Switch with neon blue and red Joy-Cons will love the chromatic resemblance here. The creator notes the Nintendo FP is compatible with most coffee pods and capsules to make your cup of java. These go into a dedicated slot on top and drop to a collection tray below after use.

To turn it on, lift the folding screen up and wait 25 seconds until it heats up the water to the proper temperature. This section of the Nintendo FP resembles the Game Boy Advanced SP. Users can navigate and toggle the menu with the white D-pad and face buttons.

You also have the option to create latte art of your favorite characters to add a bit of geeky fun to your beverage. You’ll find the translucent blue water reservoir tank at the rear, while another container for the milk in translucent red is to the left of the dispenser. We think the Nintendo FP has the potential to outsell its console counterparts.

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Nintendo FP Group Shot

Images courtesy of Sergen Çağlayan