The imaging capabilities of mid-range to flagship smartphones is getting ridiculous. If it continues to advance at this rate, traditional cameras might eventually become obsolete. However, unless users want their become chunkier, manufacturers will impose some sort of limitation for now. Therefore, aspiring photographers can still invest in feature-packed shooters like the Nikon Z f.

Make no mistake! Despite the retro vibe, this is a digital camera. The design will evoke nostalgia in those who had the opportunity to work with Nikon’s FM2. The latter was considered an advanced semi-professional single-lens reflex camera compatible with 35 mm film.

It’s modern tribute remarkably carries over the cosmetic charm of the original. The Z f is available in the classic black colorway, but also comes in six other premium hues. Choose from Stone Gray, Indigo Blue, Bordeaux Red, Moss Green, Sunset Orange, and Sepia Brown.

Elements like the leather-like texture on the body, knurled brass dials, and the mechanical click of the shutter release button all combine to enhance your experience. Our personal pick would be the blackout option since it’s the closest you can get to the aesthetics of the FM2.

As for the construction, Nikon uses magnesium alloy with robust weather sealing to keep all components protected. Even the sensor is coated with fluorine to keep moisture, oil, and small debris at bay. As with other full-frame mirrorless cameras in the lineup, buyers can grab the body-only or lens kit packages.

It is compatible with a huge catalog of full-frame lenses ideal for any scenario. What this model offers aside from its old-school charm is smoother bokeh, richer color tones, wider views, and outstanding light capture. The Z f is packing Nikon’s EXPEED 7 image processing technology, which is 10 times faster, matches the performance of the Z8/Z9, and benefits from cutting-edge Deep Learning technology.

It can quickly isolate common subjects like people, animals, vehicles, and more, for superior tracking with autofocus. Furthermore, the 8.0 stops of its 5-axis VR image stabilization equates to virtually eliminating blur. Feeling artistic? Turn the dial to Black & White mode, frame that shot, and press the shutter. Overall, the Z f is one powerful imaging platform novices and professionals will enjoy.

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Images courtesy of Nikon