Wearing face masks may become a norm even as other parts of the world have started to lift the need to wear them in public. For those who err on the side of caution and continue to wear them, especially amid the various COVID-19 variants being reported, then the Nike Venturer Face Mask is a great substitute for those uncomfortable ones.

Wearing face masks every day while in public can be a bummer. It’s an annoying and uncomfortable necessity, especially when you’re at the gym or working up a sweat while traversing the urban jungle. Thankfully, there are those that provide not only protection but also breathability. This new design from the sports brand is such. It has a lightweight 3D-structured mesh covering that fully covers the nose and chin.

The Nike Venturer Face Mask ensures breathability and comfort. It is a performance mask, per se, which makes it ideal to wear on trips to the gym or during athletic activities. Aside from its breathable material, it also has an integrated moldable nose cushion for a personalized fit, while a chin insert offers comfort. Together, they keep the mask in place during activities. The mesh covering also does not collapse during activity even when wet.

Moreover, this mask comes with adjustable straps for easy customization. You can loop the straps behind your head during high-intensity movements. You can also loop them around the ears during slow activities. The Nike Venturer Face Mask is machine-washable and comes with a sturdy protective case to prevent deformation during transport. Lace your Nike running shoes and wear this mask for a comfortable day on the tracks.

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Images courtesy of Nike