The Nike Juniper Trail 2 challenges you to go and take the beaten path, dash up the hill and back down. It’s crafted from durable and breathable materials that guarantee tough traction on the bottom for a “consistent, confident ride for those off-road runs.”

The all-new design is “built for earthy terrain and unbeaten paths, with reliable traction that’ll help keep you on course.” It’s meticulously made from a mix of mesh, synthetic leather, and textile materials to provide the ideal balance of breathability and durability.   

Meanwhile, the outsoles on the Nike Juniper Trail 2 features tapered lugs for efficient runs up and down the hill. All the while, providing the traction you need to stay on your feet on rocky paths. The thick material across the toe adds durability to the overall build.

Likewise, the cables integrated with the laces elevate the lacing system for added stability. Meanwhile, the inner sleeve wraps your midfoot for a sock-like fit to keep it snug and secure but still being able to breathe. Meanwhile, the speckles seen on the outsole are derived from a minimum of 8% Nike Grind material, sourced from scraps from the footwear manufacturing process.

Nike prioritized sustainability with the design of the Nike Juniper Trail 2 as part of the brand’s Move to Zero journey towards zero carbon and zero waste. It was responsibly designed using recycled materials from post-consumer and/or post-manufactured waste without compromising on performance, durability. By reusing existing plastics, yarns, and textiles, the brand significantly reduces its emissions. 

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Images courtesy of Nike