Nike has created a new material that is both environmentally friendly and stronger than natural full-grain leather! Flyleather rescues the scraps from leather cutting (of which up to 30% of the hide is lost) and transforms it into fibers that are then mixed half and half with other synthetic fibers in a pressurized hydro process. This process makes the material more consistent than natural leather in thickness and pigmentation.

The resultant material looks and feels just like premium full-grain leather but uses 90% less water to produce and results in an 80% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional leather manufacturing. Flyleather is 40% lighter and five times more durable than leather and, with Flyleather being produced in rolls, improves cutting efficiency and further reduces waste.

This revolutionary new material is being debuted in the newest release of the Nike Tennis Classic in a no-frills, all-white colorway beginning September 18th.

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