Aluminum suitcases not only provide timeless elegance in a sleek silhouette. They also offer durable protection to your gear just like those from MVST Select called the TREK Aluminum Suitcases. 

These luxurious travel cases are designed to be super strong so they can handle all the bumps and humps along the way and potential rough handling at the baggage counter. It features a heavy-duty aluminum-magnesium alloy shell with reinforced corners, making them resistant to impact and practically unbreakable.

Aluminum though is not resistant to scratches but those marks and dents add a unique charm to the overall design. Much like pure leather that develops its own patina over time, aluminum also develops its own character with prolonged use. But MVST Select’s TREK Aluminum Suitcases ensure your belongings stay secure on the go with its zipperless closure, rubber seals, and TSA-approved combination locks.

Then four ultra-smooth 360° spinner wheels, slow-release handles, and an aluminum telescopic handle let you zip through the airport with ease and comfort. The wheels are also removable so you can change them in case of any wear and tear. This feature guarantees the longevity of your suitcase and saves you money on buying a replacement. 

Moreover, VST Select’s TREK Aluminum Suitcases have spacious interiors for neat organization. It has an interior pocketed panel and keeps your clothes clean with the addition of an anti-microbial fabric lining. It even comes in a host of stand-out colors and in 34L, 62L, and 97L capacity. With this luggage, you can travel with peace of mind knowing your belongings are secure not just from potential thieves but from natural forces. 

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Images courtesy of VST Select