Say what you want about the Nike Air Max 97, but you can’t deny that they’re a staple pair of sneakers and are rightly described as classic.

This Bright Citron colorway you see above is subtle but not afraid to show off its clean curves and deliciously stylish cushioning. The pervasive mustard hues are a bold choice, but they’re for folks willing to take a risk in their footwear game. These are also nothing short of iconic, with a design inspired by a bullet train’s fast design. Truly, what better inspiration could there be for a pair of runners?

We know what you’re thinking. These are just a pair of shoes. Enough waxing poetic. We’ll stop here, sure. But it’s criminal to deny that the kicks are a beaut.

Anyway, as with any model in this category, you get bold, prominent “Air Max” branding, plus the comfort of knowing they’ll work well with virtually any streetwear getup you can come up with. They’re casual enough to avoid looking too lurid, but with enough boldness to help you stand out while running about town. As always, Nike has landed on the perfect middle ground; it’s like the company makes show-offy footwear for coy people.

Bonus: those curves slightly light up in the dark, making this already excellent pair just a tad bit cooler than other Air Max models in your rotation. They’re a bit pricey at $170, although that’s typical of Air Max models. You shouldn’t miss this, though, that’s for sure.