Nike’s Aerogami Jacket is versatile performance wear designed to solve runners’ problems with regulating body temperature and ventilation while wearing a running jacket. It has vents that allow airflow and sweat to escape.

Innovators at the Nike Explore Team (NXT) and the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL) have created this wearable tech that detects and reacts to sweat in real time. This is the function of Aerogami, a venting system that comes in the form of tiny, winged vents that autonomously adapt to your body’s needs. It increases breathability when you need it the most, especially during running or intense physical workouts.

Nike’s Aerogami Jacket uses vents with a moisture-reactive film that automatically contracts and expands upon sensing sweat against the body. These vents open to allow sweat to escape and to provide better airflow. They close back up when the body cools down and when the sweat dries up.

The venting system features in areas of the jacket where sweat most likely builds up, across the chest and the back. Jahan Behbahany, Senior Apparel Innovation Product Manager in Nike’s Advanced Innovation Collective, calls Nike’s Aerogami Jacket their “latest example of Nike’s culture of innovation focused on solving the timeless needs of runners. It’s a technology that runners not only feel the benefit but also see it. “We know feeling too warm, uncomfortable, and distracted while wearing a running jacket is a common challenge many runners face, so we’ve obsessed with developing an innovative solution that gives them increased breathability without compromising style and protection, he says.” Aside from the vents, Nike’s Aerogami Jacket also comes with the brand’s Storm-FIT ADV, for protection from wind and rain.

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Images courtesy of Nike