The weather can be unpredictable. It can be hot one moment and chilly the next and the problem is when you’re not exactly dressed for such change. It’s during these times that you wish you brought an extra pair of clothing or have worn something light and airy. This is where Nike’s ACG “Wolf Lichen Caps” comes in.

It’s designed for transitional weather as such it’s roomy enough to fit over a base layer but still comfortable to wear under a jacket or vest. Nike says it’s “just the ticket for cool weather.” It’s made from a lightweight fleece mid-layer. Its stretchy Polartec knit polyester fabric makes it lightweight, breathable, and ultrasoft on the skin.

Nike’s ACG “Wolf Lichen Caps” is also designed to be roomy on the shoulders, body, and chest for easy layering and so you can wear it as a layer and still move about with ease. Meanwhile, the addition of thin elastic trim around the openings helps seal in warmth and hold the top in place during movements.   

This versatile jacket also comes with a hood to keep the chilly air off your neck. All these features make it a great option when you want to go for a run outside, go on a hike, or go on a long commute. You won’t feel like you can’t move because of its stretchy and roomy construction. When the day gets a bit hot for comfort, you can take it off and easily stow it away inside its own zippered sack. 

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Images courtesy of Nike