Forget cumbersome wires and cables when charging your smartphone. The NIC Wireless Charger powers up your mobile device even while it’s in your bag or pocket.

Most traditional wireless chargers require your phone to be docked or placed on a charging pad in order for them to work. The NIC, which stands for New Intelligent Charger, is different. It literally powers up your device even without docking so you can bring it with you while it is charging.

Think about how power banks work to provide your mobile devices with battery. That’s what the NIC wireless charger does. You don’t have to leave your phone on the dock or on the pad for it to continue charging because the pad goes with you.

The NIC Wireless Charger consists of two parts. You have the charging cube that needs to connect to a 120/220V power outlet. Then the pad, which connects with your device via USB cable. There is no configuration needed to start charging. Simply plug the NIC cube and connect the pad to your phone. The pad is compatible with USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning (IOS) ports and it is thin enough to be hidden by your phone case so it doesn’t dangle.

Charging time with the NIC varies depending on your distance from the cube. If there are two devices, then the one nearest to the cube charges faster. Regardless, charging continues even with your phone or smart device in your bag or in your pocket as long as you stay within 5 meters of the cube.

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Photos Courtesy of NIC Charger