So far, we have recently been featuring awesome new rides that were originally debuting at the 2020 Geneva International Motor Show. The expo was unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is not stopping the automotive industry from parading its catalog of innovative transportation online. Electric vehicles (EVs) are definitely the way to go, but we also want to showcase an awesome electric motorcycle. Upon seeing what the Newron Motors EV-1 wood motorcycle looks like, it’s definitely on our wish list this year.

This is perhaps the most unbelievable blend of cutting-edge technology and classic craftsmanship. The manufacture was not joking when it was naming this zero-emission two-wheeler. After looking at our collection of articles about electric motorcycles, we can say that folks from Newron Motors are high-caliber artists. There’s definitely a steampunk vibe about the EV-1 and the machine flaunts it from any angle.

The fusion of metal and wood of the bodywork deliver a bold contrast of materials and color. You can choose from a variety of options. These include Oak, Red Cedar, White Ash, and Ebony exteriors. Furthermore, even without the wooden shell, the central structure is a sight to behold. Housing the power source within a visually stunning chassis is an artistic approach that other manufacturers have yet to adapt.

Meanwhile, the massive 350V lithium-ion battery can fully charge in just 40 minutes and deliver a range of up to 186 miles. Testing shows it can silently zoom from zero to 62 mph in three seconds. As a safety precaution, Newron Motors is electronically limiting the top speed to 136 mph. The EV-1 will start shipping sometime in 2021 and pre-orders are already available.

Pre-orders start at $2,300

Images courtesy of Newron Motors