Apart from the tourist attractions and interesting cultures we can experience during travel, people look forward to the accommodations. It can be at a fancy hotel or a luxurious resort, but things eventually lose their appeal. If you crave something unique, be sure to keep the new Orient Express in mind when it relaunches services soon.

The company hopes to start in 2025, but those who can’t wait may want to consider the La Dolce Vita. Both offer a lavish railway escapade which somehow takes you back in time to relive how the rich journeyed across Europe back in the day.

Passengers get to ride a train with modern features but flaunt a design straight out of the ‘20s and ‘30s. “A tribute to the glamour, joie de vivre and artistic fervor of the 1960s, Orient Express La Dolce Vita is a dedication to life, to the spirit of freedom, to well-being and to pleasure,” reads the press material.

The vintage aesthetics draws inspiration from the “golden age of Italian design” and are by Dimorestudio. Take your pick from the various suites and cabins for the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy breathtaking views as the Orient Express speeds along the tracks. Grab a bite to eat or sip on your choice of beverages in the dining carriage

Let the motion of the cars lull you to sleep until it stops at various destinations along the route. There is no shortage of interesting activities and sights to take in before you board the Orient Express all over again. The La dolce Vita will begin operations earlier, but we would rather wait for the flagship train.

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Images courtesy of Orient Express