New Balance’s R.W.Tech Fleece Full Zip Hoodie is the perfect Summer/Fall wear when you want to catch up on your morning or evening runs while keeping dry and comfortable. It’s a versatile workout gear that lets you move with ease as you transition between workouts, in our out of the gym.

This men’s hoodie is durable and designed for different weather conditions. It is made from a combination of sustainably-sourced cotton (66%) for breathability and 34% polyester for warmth and water-resistance. It also features NB Dry, a fast-drying technology that helps you stay cool and dry as it wicks away moisture or sweat from your body so you can workout with ease without that sticky feel.

Meanwhile, a soft double-knit stretch fabric lets you move freely so you can squat, stretch, bend, and not worry about the fabric ripping. New Balance’s R.W.Tech Fleece Full Zip Hoodie comes in an athletic fit silhouette that skims the chest, waist, and hip. It’s perfect for active movement because it’s fit is not too tight or too loose.

Then there’s the hoodie, which is great for kipping drizzles or the cold draft at bay. Then you have the full-zip front closure that allows for easy layering so you can pair it with a T-shirt or zip it up fully to the throat for protection. In terms of storage, a couple of hidden large zipped pockets on the sides also serve as hand warmers. New Balance’s R.W.Tech Fleece Full Zip Hoodie comes in different colorways. These include Black, Lead, Aluminum, and Kombu. 

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Images courtesy of New Balance