Tiny house living does not mean you have to sacrifice the modern necessities. Say lighting, air conditioning, a kitchen, washing machine, and more. You can be smart about how and where you add them, just like how the Nestron Cube Two X is outfitted. 

This tiny house is the next generation in Nestron’s Cube series with a larger living space and more high-tech features. It has 30 percent more space contrary to its predecessor, the Cube Two. The interior walls have extra built-in cabinets and floating shelves for storage and hidden under-bed storage. It also has a bigger kitchen designed to accommodate a double-door fridge and a standard-size washing machine. Of course, the bedroom has storage options too, bookshelves, a foldable table, and a wardrobe.

Moreover, the Nestron Cube Two X boasts an elegant double leaf door that offers the possibility of larger openings outside of its luxurious appearance. A wider doorway means it is easier to bring in large items inside. This house also has French windows and a long horizontal window to give the impression of more space and brings in natural lighting. Speaking of lighting, it has motion-sensing lights found in the wardrobe, under the bead, and in cabinets. 

This tiny home also makes sure to separate the wet and dry areas in the bathroom for a practical and safe layout. This also helps make clean-up easy and prevents the bathroom area from getting moldy. The bathroom has a heater, shower, toilet, strip floor drain, sink, and faucet. Then there’s the mechanical and electrical room at the back of the house for maintenance work. The Nestron Cube Two X is even available in a single or double room layout.

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Images courtesy of Nestron