Nendo has come up with an innovative design for the humble age-old chopsticks that allows for easy storage. Called Rassen, these wooden chopsticks have a twist at their ends for a very functional reason.

Nendo teamed up with Hashikuru Matsukan, a manufacturer who has continued the centuries-old tradition of making lacquered chopsticks that originated in the small town of Obama in Fukui Prefecture, Japan.  This traditional manufacturing technique produces chopsticks that are strong, hard, and beautiful and were called “Wakasa-nuri”. Nendo and Hashikuru Matsukan named their creation Rassen because they are spiral chopsticks.

Their ends are designed as such so they can be joined together as one unit when not in use or when in storage. This way, you can easily find a pair when it’s time to eat and not have to shuffle around in your cupboard looking for matching pieces. 

Simply detach the ends during use and connect them back up again for neat storage. The Rassen chopsticks not only offers unique functionality but also some fun on the dining table. It can be entertaining pulling them apart and piecing them back together again. It would be like working on a jigsaw puzzle.

Additionally, there are no sharp or rough parts on these chopsticks. They are smooth to the touch even on the spiral ends. Notably, the inner portions are flat instead of rounded like typical chopsticks, so they can be pieced together seamlessly. The Rassen chopsticks are handmade by artisans and utilized a multi-axis CNC miller to achieve its playful yet practical design.  

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Images courtesy of Nendo