Those who want more brew than foam in their canned beer will find Nendo’s Foam Can a useful invention. It aims to achieve the liquid-foam ratio of 7:3, the so-called “golden ratio” of beer to foam by having two pull tabs instead of one.

The pull tabs are respectively numbered “1” and “2” for a specific reason. You pop the first tab to open a slit that unleashes a stream of foam and the second tab opens the lid to the fullest for a seamless and foamless beer flow. They are also spaced just enough so drinkers can pop them open comfortably.

Nendo’s Foam Can was created based on science. The Japanese firm explained, “Beer heads are considered essential for making beer taste better, at least in Japan. It is because a layer of foam with adequate thickness acts as a lid to prevent beer from coming into contact with the air, and keeps it from releasing aroma, flavor, and carbonation. In the domestic beer market, it is difficult to create an ideal foam when pouring from a can into a glass.”

“There are two main principles of bubbles that form from canned beer, besides the factor derived from its raw materials: the sudden drop in pressure inside the can when it is opened and the friction that occurs between the can and the liquid when pouring.”

Nendo discovered from their study that the pressure is concentrated in the narrow opening if the pull tab is not fully opened. So what happens when pouring is the area of the beer in contact with the lid increases and this facilitates the bubble formation. The pull tabs on Nendo’s Foam Can, when not opened, looks like a wonky-looking emoji.

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Images courtesy of Nendo