Nemo Equipment introduces the first-ever swinging and reclining chair with the Stargaze Reclining Camp Chair. Take relaxation under the stars to a whole new level with this chair that’s not only portable and comfortable. It also stays grounded on rocky surfaces.

This is an all-terrain chair designed to be stable even on rocky, sandy, or uneven surfaces. It boasts a flexible aircraft-grade aluminum suspension frame that easily transforms the chair into a hammock. You can swing smoothly and gently in a relaxing motion that’ll certainly lull you to sleep. 

Moreover, with an auto-reclining mechanism, you can simply lean back and shift your body weight to find your ideal sitting position for relaxation. Nemo’s Stargaze Reclining Camp Chair has a new geometry that results in a lower center of gravity and a supportive headrest. Then a deep lounge position lets you have a full view of the sky. It can handle a max weight of 136kg at its size of just 3.23kg. 

As with other camping chairs, this one also comes with other important features including a no-spill cup holder, an adjustable headrest, and a stash pocket to hold your tablet, keys, phones, and other things you want close at hand.

Nemo’s Stargaze Reclining Camp Chair is also not stifling or hot to the skin. It uses non-absorbent monofilament mesh that is cool and breezy, doesn’t keep water, resists bacteria, and withstands sun exposure. Best of all, setup is easy. This chair features an anodized pole exterior and a red ferrule interior for quick and precise pole connections and greater stability. 

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Images courtesy of Nemo Equipment