Speedo's new fins will help you swim faster. Really.

We just discovered the missing link that could make humans more aquatic, more whale-like: the Nemesis Fins By Speedo ($31,00+). Drawing inspiration from nature’s magnificent humpback whale, these fins feature scalloped outer borders, medial edge openings, and flow channels on top and bottom, allowing the swimmer to push more water, for better propulsion.

Engineered to be the most comfortable fins on the planet, thanks to footwear features like improved mid-foot support and expanded toe space, Speedo’s Unisex Nemesis Fins are built from the same stuff as the Crocs (an injection molded EVA foam) and are available in 6 sizes. They are said to enhance the swimming motion, keeping the hips and feet into an improved streamline body position. Oh, yeah, we should also mention that the Nemesis Fins are an awarded gear of the show at the Summer Outdoor Retailer 2014. via

Nemesis Fins By Speedo 1

Nemesis Fins By Speedo 2

Nemesis Fins By Speedo 3