The thing with luxury vessels is that everyone who can afford one are always eager to outdo the other. After a shipyard unveils a new silhouette commissioned by a prominent figure among the elite, another big reveal is likely to follow soon thereafter. Hence, this cycle of opulence continues just like the debut of this dazzling concept dubbed the Necklace.

In order to stand out among its peers, a modern superyacht needs to have distinctive aesthetics or features. Hence, this hull envisioned by Francesco Struglia Design draws inspiration from lavish accessories that denote wealth. To be specific, it gets the aforementioned namesake from the dazzling outline its superstructure presents when viewed from a specific angle.

In essence, the Necklace, resembles every other leisure vessel of its caliber. We have clean lines that flow from tip to tail. It measures approximately 200 feet long with a beam listed at 34 feet. This provides clients with 1,000 GT of interior space to personalize according to their liking.

“The project finds inspiration in the world of jewelry, for iconic and highly buildable shapes,” notes the designer. “The architectural concept of a superstructure made up of separate elements opens up many possibilities for interpretation and customization.” On the main deck is a semi-enclosed saloon where guests can socialize.

To impress us even further, the superyacht provides other amenities such as a spa, gym, beach club, pools, and more. Another attraction on board the Necklace is the double-height greenhouse at the upper deck. Meanwhile, the lower deck’s layout could be configured to hold five or seven guest cabins. As for the owners, they get to enjoy sprawling views above everyone else.

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Images courtesy of Francesco Struglia Design