The Nebula Star Safe Box brings a completely new level of safekeeping of your prized possessions. It’s built with high-tech features that give you peace of mind when it comes to securing your valuables.

There is never a worst-case scenario with this box because of its built-in safety measure system that ensures it stays locked until you access it. For starters, it comes with a companion app accessible via Bluetooth and Wi-FI.

The STAR app acts as a control device for your safety deposit box when it’s connected to Wi-FI. It lets you add or remove fingerprint access and adjust the color of the LED band or atmosphere lamp of your device. It also tracks usage history of safe access and lets you remotely unlock the safe. The app even informs you when your safe is low on battery.

Then you have the remote and local alarm system. Locally, the safe box gives off a light and emits a sound if it detects an unexpected movement or if it’s been opened. Remotely, the STAR app sends a notification about the status of your safe box.

Most importantly, the Nebula Star Safe Box is equipped with NB-IOT tracking system, which has 100 times wider tracking range than GPS. This means you can monitor the whereabouts of your box everywhere. You’ll be able to pinpoint its exact location wherever the thief takes it.

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Photos Courtesy of Nebula