Compact, portable stoves are one of the most essential things you can bring to a camping trip. At just two pounds, the nCamp is probably the best choice. Especially if you just want a simple and basic wood-burning stove. One that sheds away the niceties usually tacked onto more expensive options.

What’s impressive is that its construction primarily features steel and aluminum. It even collapses down after you use it. That brings its total thickness to just 1.5 inches (about the size of a paperback book). That’s crucial because you need to be carrying this around for most of your camping adventures, and you definitely don’t want something bulky, heavy, and a pain to lug around.

The nCamp stove burns readily available twigs and other forest combustible materials. Meaning, it eliminates packaging and trash associated with propane or canned fuel. In case you were wondering: Yup, you can also burn liquid or solid fuel with this bad boy.

The idea to make nCamp came when founder Dan Cuffaro, himself an avid backpacker and a professor of industrial design, decided to use his expertise in product design to make a stove that’s both sturdy and easy to carry.

“Our design transformed the common bulky combustion chamber into one that is modeled on a traditional collapsible camping cup,” says Cuffaro.

The stove is on sale for $45 (original price is $50) on Amazon at the time of writing, so you better act fast if you want a trusty compact stove that’s super portable, sturdy, and is also eco-friendly at the same time.


Photos courtesy of nCamp