We dare you to find something as sleek and svelte as this Naturecruiser home by Die Wohnschiffmanufaktur. It’s got everything you want in a home, except land. That’s right — this thing’s floats, which really redefined the term “outdoor pool.”

If you might think its water-floating capabilities are just for gimmicky spectacle, think again. Die Wohnschiffmanufaktur built the Naturecruiser from the ground up with water in mind. As a result, the houseboat makes nary a peep as it wades across lakes and rivers. That’s thanks to its inbuilt hybrid electric drive, which keeps things to a mum.

The Naturecruiser is also almost entirely self-sufficient, using its own water-purification system and solar panels to provide potable water and pull energy. Additionally, the consummate folks behind the project used sustainable materials to create the entire-thing, making it one of the eco-friendliest boats we’ve featured here.

You get 15 meters of living space. That includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and an outdoor deck, to boot. Moreover, you also get a rooftop terrace.

Are you a house, a boat, or a yacht? Make up your mind, Naturecruiser!

All jokes aside, this thing’s a beaut. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out — one look at its warm wood-clad and modern fixtures will make you want to escape the tangled city life and hop in at once. Wide windows abound in this wee Scandinavian gem, offering you spectacular views of the surrounding water.

If this one doesn’t really tickle your fancy, Die Wohnschiffmanufaktur boasts a number of other houseboats that’s as notable.


Photos courtesy of Die Wohnschiffmanufaktur