The Nanoleaf Canvas is the answer when it comes to setting the mood in your room using home lighting. A successor to the Nanoleaf Light Panels, this innovative and customizable lighting system not only focuses on function but also on style.

Its modular design allows you to create your ideal lighting situation in any way you want. You can arrange the square panels in any design or fill the walls and ceiling of your room for a colorful canvas.

The pieces light up in any number of ways so all you need is your imagination to create that perfect colorful lighting. You can recreate the look of a sunrise or sunset or plaster the squares in a way that would create a ripple effect when touched.

Speaking of touch, the panels of the Nanoleaf Canvas are reactive to gestures. Double tapping turns the light on or off so you can do different light patterns just by touching it. The canvas also reacts to voice commands and is compatible with Alexa, Siri, or Google assistant.

It also has a rhythm function button that turns on music visualization. The panels react to the music you are playing. You can also use the canvas as a light alarm system or adjust the colors depending on the situation. It can give off white light for office or study spaces or you can modify it for a romantic mood. The Nanoleaf Canvas is yours to use for personal expression.

Light It Up

Photos Courtesy Of Nanoleaf