With a badass name like UNICO COMBAT WATERPROOF, you can already expect durability on a ridiculous scale. Thankfully, this is not just some marketing gimmick as NAGLEV crafts one tough boot for even the most demanding expedition. So, if you plan to hit the great outdoors anytime soon, gear up with these kicks and promote sustainability.

You read that right! At first, we had no idea that this is one of NAGLEV’s eco-friendly projects. This should come as no surprise as even the world’s leading sports apparel brands now have green initiatives in place. Thus, your purchase of this multisport footwear is one way to show that you care about the environment.

People who respect Mother Nature should ideally go for more products like these. Now that we are aware of the sustainable aspect of the UNICO COMBAT WATERPROOF, let’s check what it brings to the table. Guiding its construction is the philosophy “technology protects nature” and the brand is following this every step of the way.

To tackle whatever comes your way, the upper is made out of KEVLAR and TPU. These keep moisture out and withstand forces that can damage the shoe. This one-piece construction then covers a breathable wool sock to keep your feet dry and ventilated. Additional comfort comes from the leather (vegetable tanned) and coconut fiber footbed.

For superior grip and traction, the natural rubber sole unit will match the performance of synthetic options. According to NAGLEV, there is a purpose behind its use of non-biodegradable materials here. It seems owners of the UNICO COMBAT WATERPROOF can have the damaged natural components replaced when they wear out.

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Images courtesy of NAGLEV