This pair of Reigning Champ Nagata Speed Blade shades not only brings a ruggedly handsome touch to any wardrobe. It would look cool paired with jeans, a tee, a polo shirt, a sweater, and more. It also protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and is great for various performance conditions. 

This limited-edition piece developed by District Vision comes in Navy color and with a custom-tinted D+ gradient lens and co-branded details. It is extremely lightweight at 22 grams with its nylon and titanium core so it’s great not just for stylish wear. You can use it for clear visibility while skateboarding, biking, or during any other physical activities under the sun.

Moreover, the Reigning Champ Nagata Speed Blade boasts unrivaled comfort. It has a hypoallergenic adjustable nose pad and temple tips and features an impact-resistant or shatterproof polycarbonate lens. It comes with 100% UVA/UVB protection and has 87.85% of blue-light protection. 

Likewise, it is anti-reflective and water and oil repellant making it great eyewear for various activities. This means you can easily forget about those unwanted smudges on the lens. It also has a visual light transmission of 12.91% which is ideal for bright or sunny conditions. 

The Reigning Champ Nagata Speed Blade even comes with its own 630gsm microfibre running pouch for safekeeping. This pair is the ideal choice not just for active adults but for kids too because of its shatterproof lens. Polycarbonate lens further adds to its lightweight quality and does not distort your vision so you have clear visibility even when wearing shades in low light conditions. 

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Images courtesy of Reigning Champ