Almost all Mongolian cashmere is by nature organically sourced, but finding an environmentally sustainable wool is harder to do. Naadam has solved this supply problem by making their own supply line.

Only 2000-year-old time-intensive hand combing methods can acquire the extra length of fibers needed to pass Naadam requirements – a gentler way to harvest the wool that foregoes the traumatic commercial method of goat shearing. This extra care for their product goes hand in hand with their care of the producers, including funding a thousand nomadic herding families as well as veterinarian care for a quarter of a million goats every year.

Their latest release, the Nanoweight Cashmere Collection ($75+), features fine T-shirts, Polo shirts, and hoodies made of this very rare, ultra-breathable cashmere wool. For warmth and extra comfortable fit and feel these discrete men’s clothes will fit into many levels of social interaction.