Described as “the open answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home,” the Mycroft Mark II is a voice-operated A.I. assistant that keeps your personal data private, doesn’t sell you products, or try to own your online life.

While designed as a consumer-ready device, Mark II’s hardware and software are open-source, meaning any developer can tinker with it and help make it better. The device packs an array of 6 individual microphones that help to isolate the speaker even in a noisy environment. A 10-watt speaker with dual two-inch full-range drivers offers room-filling sound, while a 4-inch LCD panel displays all kinds of information or a friendly talking face that can be customized to your liking.

The Mycroft Mark II offers more than 140 skills (creating shopping lists, playing music, telling jokes, etc.) with its robust developer community constantly building new ones meant to serve people’s needs; not just for the corporation behind them.

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