Those lucky enough to own an automobile can enjoy the convenience that comes with it. Then there’s the amazing folk who absolutely love motorcycles. For the latter, an iconic brand that immediately comes to mind is Fox Racing, which you can find a comprehensive catalog of available on MXstore. Unlike the protection offered by the frame surrounding the driver and passengers in a car, those who ride two-wheelers will need protective gear for safety. Thankfully, the options available are more than enough to suit your needs.

It’s a fact that each individual has their own preference when it comes to modes of transportation. The general public probably prefers to commute via bus, taxi, ride-sharing, and subway among others. However, in an urban setting, alternative mobility solutions such as bicycles, skateboards, and other all-electric alternatives can you get you to your destination quicker.

Going back to what the brand is all about, Fox Racing offers more than just awesome gear for motorcycle owners. In fact, the company also manufactures heavy-duty and high-performance suspension systems. Although it is synonymous with motocross, it has even become a lifestyle label with its apparel and accessories.

Shopping at MXstore

Australia is an amazing country blessed with huge open spaces. Those that love the great outdoors can marvel at its scenic backdrops. To truly experience the adventure, people need capable machines that can traverse various types of terrain. As such, ATVs, 4x4s, and motorcycles. Meanwhile, MXstore caters to enthusiasts in the land down under who need all types of accessories to enhance their experience.

While there is a wide selection of top-notch labels to choose from, Fox Racing stands out thanks to years of reliable quality. Given that the first two letters of the retailer’s name (MX) stand for motocross, most of the products in the lineup are intended for the said activity. Adrenaline junkies often love the thrill as they ride their bikes over complex courses or freely run through what nature throws their way.

Gearing up properly with Fox Racing

Now that you know where to shop for your motocross needs, its time we talk about the stuff you’ll need before you head out. Before you boldly claim that your skills will get you through unscathed, accidents can happen that could leave you gravely injured without the right gear.

It’s a good thing that the Fox Racing section from MXstore has you covered. Since your entire body is exposed when riding a motorcycle, it’s crucial to have protection for any scenario. The basic getup should include a helmet, jersey, pants, gloves, boots, elbow/knee guards, and body armor. With these on, you should statistically be able to survive even the nastiest of wipeouts.

What makes motocross equipment special

While it does seem like that regular motorcycle riding gear is the same as those for motocross, there are notable differences. Starting with the helmet, regular ones feature a face shield and a rounder shape. On the other hand, the one used for motocross normally sports a longer visor, an elongated chin section, and no face shield (some models may have one) with just enough space for goggles.

You’ve probably seen people who regularly ride their bikes on the road wear leather jackets, pants, and gloves. These are essential just in case riders fall off of their machine and skid on the road. In motocross, professionals often use lighter yet rip-resistant fabrics with integrated padding on the elbows and knees. These are functionally similar but are designed for softer surfaces such as mud, dirt, or sand.


Overall, all of these and more from Fox Racing are just a click away when you shop at MXstore. Just remember, that even professionals with years of experience under their belts never ride without protective equipment on. Therefore, so should you.

Gear up for your next ride now

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