Mwanzoleo is arguably the most luxurious property of its kind in the whole of Cape Town. It is an extravagant private luxury rental villa designed for discerning guests who are not willing to part with their affluent lifestyle even while on remote escapes. Large enough to accommodate up to ten guests in perfectly comfortable conditions, the residence stands six stories tall, overlooking the Atlantic from its quiet nook against a spectacular rocky backdrop.

Luxury Rental Villa in Cape TownMwanzoleo Luxury Rental Villa Living RoomMwanzoleo Luxury Rental Villa Interior Design

With five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a total of 11,830 square feet of space, this is the ideal vacation home for a family outing, a party-filled holiday with friends, or even an unforgettable business trip. Expensive and high-quality finishes, fabrics and materials make every corner of the house look as if taken from a luxury design magazine. The attention to detail is outstanding, and the rather minimalist approach is satisfyingly balanced by the structure’s decadent size, as well as numerous non-opulent but undoubtedly high-class features.

Flowing spaces connect seamlessly with one another for a sense of openness that promotes communication and connection. The same effect is obtained by the very tall ceilings and huge windows that frame the superb ocean views. A staff of professionals in the hospitality industry is ready to help tailor your stay to your very specific needs, while also pampering you with complimentary treats. And when the mood strikes, you and your friends can always go out to the many fine restaurants, lovely cafés and exiting nightlife venues nearby.

Luxury Rental Villa in Cape Town Ocean ViewsMwanzoleo Luxury Rental Villa Ocean Views