The Muzen Wild Mini Speaker is no ordinary Bluetooth speaker. Built with military specs, it is the ideal speaker for any outdoor setting. Whether you’re off to the beach, camping, rafting, and hiking, this handy device is your entertainment provider. It offers six hours of playtime at a single charge and on full volume.

It uses a large-diameter speaker made from N40 NdFeB magnet, a rare-earth magnet. The material makes it possible for this handheld device to emit tunes that can drown out the sound of any flowing water. Even when on full blast, sound quality and clarity are pristine. Advanced DSP tech, 5W digital amplifier, and zinc alloy cavity resonance results in full-spectrum sound and powerful bass reaching up to 70dB.

This superior sound quality comes from a device that sits neatly in the palm of your hands. It is that small yet terrible, as they say. The Muzen Wild Mini Speaker is compact at 60.8 L x 35.7 W x 77.9 H millimeters. It is also lightweight at 248 grams. You can attach it to your bag while on the go.

The Bluetooth connection has an optimal distance of 5-10 meters and the battery recharges via Micro USB. Since this is built for the outdoors, it comes in a rugged exterior and with handy tools too. It has an all-metal body which is IPX5 water-resistant and a built-in LED flashlight.

Best of all, the controls make it convenient for you to switch songs and adjust the volume. You don’t have to use your phone. The Muzen Wild Mini Speaker also has a vintage military design that sure is a looker.

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Images courtesy of Muzen