Baluchon offers a cozy space in the six-meter long tiny home called Bois Perdus, which is French for “Lost Woods.” This house on wheels offers a flexible and free-flowing interior layout with large glazed openings that brighten the space, making it look and feel spacious.

This home is founded on a double-axle trailer and clad in red cedar with UV saturator and has aluminum roof and accents. It has  well thought-out furnishings that make the interior feel welcoming. The home opens via a sliding glass door that leads directly into the living room, which is equipped with a sofa, and a small coffee table placed next to a glazed wall adjacent to the entrance.

There’s also a loft-type shelf for storage and a wood-burning stove to heat up the entire house. Bois Perdus also has a long table near the living room that extends to the opposite end, which hosts the bathroom with a shower, a sink, and a toilet. There is a bookshelf propped against the wall next to the bathroom entrance.

Meanwhile, cubby holes for additional storage are cleverly integrated into a wooden staircase that leads to the bedroom loft, which can sleep two. The bedroom is flanked with operable glass windows on both sides for ventilation and natural light and nightstands on each side of the bed.

Bois Perdus has several glazing that makes the interior look bigger and brighter. Aside from large glass windows in the living area, there are also a couple of windows at the office and the sink faces out to one too. Another is discreetly placed near the bookshelf behind a built-in table. Currently, this home serves as a towable office but the office area can be turned into a kitchen in the future. 

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Images courtesy of Baluchon