Although many PC users criticize Apple for its purportedly overpriced computing hardware, everybody agrees their products are sleek and powerful enough to get various tasks done. Then there’s the subject of gaming on a Mac, which continues to irk folks who prefer the synergy of the software. Nevertheless, the sheer number of aftermarket add-ons like this Satechi Type-C Aluminum Stand & Hub gives it an edge over rival systems.

Given the company has complete control over everything, third-party providers have fewer SKUs to deal with. Hence, the build quality and functionalities tend to be slightly superior in contrast to Windows OEMs. Satechi is a manufacturer of premium accessories such as chargers, power banks, input devices, cables, bags, adapters, stands, and more.

The Type-C Aluminum Stand & Hub is compatible with the latest models of the Mac Mini as well as the Mac Studio. We all know Apple typically limits the physical connectivity options to keep the form factor as slim and stylish as possible. Oddly enough, the aforementioned items already ship with an adequate number of ports to start with.

Perhaps Satechi is addressing the needs of power users who demand versatility just in case the need arises. It plugs into your device via USB-C and features a USB-C data port, three USB-A data ports, a microSD reader, an SD card reader, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It measures 7.75″ x 7.75″ x 0.69″ and weighs about 0.66 lbs.

All of these extra ports are located at the front for ease of access. No need to fiddle around at the back anymore as everything is within reach. As it says, the shell is made out of aluminum which also sports a matching metallic sheen as the hardware it’s designed to hold. Satechi offers the Type-C Aluminum Stand & Hub in Space Gray and Silver.

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Images courtesy of Satechi