Musipple may look like a turntable. On the contrary, it doesn’t play records but plays music via Bluetooth. But you operate it as how you would a classic record player, thanks to its unique design.

Designers Ziqiang He, Hao Zhang, and Yunan Lin turned to Chinese poetry for this device’s aesthetic. Specifically, to Wei Yingwu, a poet from the Tang Dynasty, whose poem talks about trees that cause ripples when they touch the water and the birds on these trees are singing. As such, the player has ripples in the center and a pole on the side.

In order to play Mussiple, you need to place the pole in the center as you would an actual vinyl player. Adding to the analog aspect are the rotary controls on the side for adjusting the volume, bass, and frequency for the preferred music playback. The designers aimed to combine traditional Chinse culture and modern technology with its design.

The music player “hopes to achieve the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures and the fusion of ancient and modern times, creating an interesting interaction and bringing users a new music-listening experience.” As for its quality, it uses high-strength plastic as its main material which is compression molded and assembled into various panels and connecting parts of the speaker. These include the front, back, side, top, and bottom panels as well as the reinforced support structure. 

To ensure the stability and structural strength of the box, screws and glue can be used to connect and fix the various components together.  Moreover, Mussiple has internal padding and soundproofing and a surface that’s undergone sanding, painting, spraying, and skinning to give it its elegant sheen. Mussiple is a Bronze A’ Design Award at Audio and Sound Equipment Design Competition Category.

Images courtesy of A’ Design Award