As hammock camping becomes more popular, the gear used has begun evolving for better and more efficient sleep systems. Outdoor Vitals is leading this trend with their new MummyPod Hammock Sleeping Bag ($94+).

The new MummyPod comes in three basic parts. The hammock has a 300-pound capacity and attaches to strong trees or hammock frame using seven double-looped polyester straps. There is a hexagonal tarpaulin that can be hung above the hammock for protection against the elements.

But the third part of this system is where the innovation has come into play – a variety of bags to choose from, such as a synthetic-lined bag rated to withstand 30° F (-1° C), or the down-lined bag rated to 0° F (-18° C). They all are made of RipStop fabric and have YKK zippers. But unlike bags that sit on top of the hammock and slide around, the hammock is run through a foot box in the sleeping bag and passed through to the head hole, thus making the bag and hammock one secure unit. To keep your camping gear on the light side, the entire system is less than 4.5 pounds and is barely bigger than a normal sleeping bag. Details in the video. [via]