MTM never ceases to push the envelope forward when it come to their watches. Depending on the features and functionalities that you need, they have several collections to choose from. The latest model to drop for the Elite collection is the Oconus – an elegant and fashionable limited-edition option for people who crave style above anything else.

Fans of the Los Angeles-based watchmaker should be familiar with the signature tactical visage its designers impart on their timekeeping platforms. As such, the Oconus manages to embody the superior craftsmanship buyers can expect from the manufacturer. The brand has continuously released some of the most striking timepieces. In fact, we recently published a showcase to help our readers choose which one will likely suit their tastes.

As MTM puts it: “The Oconus designed with unparalleled accuracy and engineered to withstand extreme conditions, the Oconus. elegant in design, this limited-edition timepiece is built with optimum performance and exceptional reliability in mind.” So, without further delay, let’s dive in and get to know how it deserves to be your next purchase.


If at first glance the images of the Oconus already convinced you to get one, obtaining it is actually pretty straightforward. Just hop online and place your order directly via the official MTM website. Those who want to see the actual items before making their decision can also visit their nearest official retailer in the United States or an accredited distributor in other territories.

What we love about how MTM ships out their military watches is the fact that each has its own Barracuda Box. The robust container can definitely handle all types of abuse brought about by logistics. Additionally, the interior comes with a full foam insert to protect all the contents. Once properly closed, the airtight case is waterproof. Furthermore, the material is flame-retardant and can withstand extended UV exposure.

This provides impressive value for anyone in the market for something new to add their growing collection. Our Oconus arrived in a cardboard box with MTM Special Ops branding throughout the exterior. We consider this a welcome extra as it keeps the surfaces of the Barracuda Box free from scuffs (we like to keep our stuff in pristine condition).


After we popped the lid open, what immediately greeted us was the Oconus nestled safely within the foam insert to the left. Beside it sits a smaller cardboard box with the MTM Watch branding and logo on the cover. Inside is a card that says “Certificate of Authenticity” on the front while the back lists information about its comprehensive 3-year warranty and serial number.

This is accompanied by a USB flash drive in black with the company logo which contains PDF files for the instruction manual and their latest product catalog. We prefer this over paper documentation and wish more manufacturers would follow this in the future. Then, there is another cutout that can hold extra straps if you ordered some along with your watch.

Enter the Oconus

Now let’s get down to business and discuss the finer details about the timepiece itself. Aside from the exceptional build quality and presentation you can expect from MTM, buyers normally enjoy more levels of customization. Thus, each limited-edition Oconus that makes their way out to their eager owners are likely unique.

It is available in two case sizes: 42 mm and 44 mm. You can have it in silver or black — both of which sport a satin finish. There are five dial options in three colors (Black, Blue, White) which are either in carbon fiber or brass. The default strap presented by MTM is made of OC Leather with a stainless-steel buckle.

Therefore, we encourage you to mix and match which style best represents your personal taste, we won’t judge you. Our configuration is a 44 mm case in black, a Blue II dial, and a Green Rubber III strap.

Stunning Sophistication

The Oconus boasts a titanium case that measures 14 mm thick, which might be on the chunky side. For people who favor theirs in a slimmer profile will not find it here. Take note that this is not caveat whatsoever as MTM watches always focus on remarkable durability. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is lacking in the looks department.

It rightfully belongs in the Elite collection courtesy of its refined appearance. Everything about it appears premium and is perhaps the fanciest of the bunch. This is a wristwatch that would look good with any outfit. Just swap out the strap to match your attire and enjoy the versatility it offers.

You have a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective and ultraviolet protection coating on both sides. The Oconus’ fixed bezel has notches at the top, bottom, left, and right sections. To the left flank is an engraving of the MTM brand, while the right side holds the screw-down crown and a single pusher.

Moving on to the dial, we have three sub-dials for the month, 24-hour, and day of the week. Meanwhile, you can spot the date window just slightly above the 5 o’clock marker. At the 12 o’clock hour marker sits the power reserve indicator with the watchmaker’s emblem.

The Oconus uses a Miyota 9100 Day/Date/Power automatic movement with a power reserve of approximately 40 hours. The second hand is in black/red, while the hour and minute hands are the only ones with a Super-LumiNova lume for low-light visibility.

Flip the watch over and you have an engraved exhibition case back. The familiar dagger emblem is etched onto the sapphire crystal. You can likewise spy the rotor of its mechanical calibre. At only 3 ounces, keeping the Oconus on your wrist for long stretches of time is great. We find its ergonomics top-notch, which not many watches of similar size and design can claim.

Our verdict

After using the Oconus for several days, we find it quite difficult to find any fault with such a wonderful addition to MTM’s Elite collection. Moreover, it practically has all the elements one could hope for from a timepiece of its class. It’s clear that this was crafted by folks who are passionate in their mission to create timekeeping instruments which deliver unrivaled tactical performance that does not compromise luxury.

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