MTI’s Mandala EDC Knife is the perfect everyday carry knife that boasts both functionality and aesthetic appeal. It features an enamel inlay that creates a mesmerizing play of light and shadow.

This is the perfect EDC blade capable of slicing through various materials, from boxes, plastics, meat, and even dense hardwoods and metal. It packs an M390 steel blade that boasts a hardness of 60HRC and is known for its excellent wear resistance, sharpness, and great edge retention. The dagger-like shape of the blade provides enhanced control and precision while its double-edged design easily lets you switch between stabbing and slicing tasks sans the need to reposition the knife.

Moreover, MTI’s Mandala EDC Knife is crafted by skilled craftsmen from the highest quality GR5 titanium to make it lightweight,  incredibly robust, and durable. It boasts exceptional beauty, quality, and performance, making it the “ultimate combination of form and function.”

Aside from the sharp blade, the exquisite enamel inlay with its intricate design is notably eye-catching. It was designed using a technique that involves fusing colored glass or enamel powder onto a metal surface. This results in a vibrant, multi-faceted finish surface that creates a stunning visual effect. The angles and edges reflect light in different ways, resulting in a beautiful play of light and shadow. 

The surface of MTI’s Mandala EDC Knife also offers enhanced grip and control during wet or slippery situations. It features a flipper opening for easy, one-handed operation and a roller bearing for smooth and effortless opening. It also has a liner lock for added safety. With its minimalist and portable yet reliable design, this folder is the perfect knife to bring to outdoor adventures. 

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MTI's Mandala EDC Knife

Images courtesy of MTI