MTI’s KeySnap combines the functionality and convenience of a keychain carabiner and a multi-tool in one sleek and elegant design bound to attract attention. It not only holds keys but pops open bottles, boxes, and even transform into a screwdriver. 

This innovative multi-function keychain features a unique one-piece spring design that easily clips onto belt loops, hooking points, backpacks straps, mountaineering bag, and more. It uses metal that is stronger than ordinary spring memory metal and not easily deformed. Its firm locking mechanism is safe and secure with a fine to 0.02mm inner surface that is very smooth and more elastic when rebounding to enable effortless hooking. It also has a quick-release mechanism for easy on-the-job access.

What makes MTI’s KeySnap even more unique is its integration of commonly-used tools for daily tasks within its minimalist frame. It has a bottle opener, an 8mm hex wrench for tightening and loosening bolts and screws, and a spoke wrench useful for cyclists. There’s also a magnetic bit driver that can accommodate a 1/4″ bit. 

Lastly, this keychain has a utility blade that’s safe to touch but sharp enough to cut open boxes, cut ropes, split pills and more. A double-sided button locking device safely secures the blade and a press and hold on the button on both sides releases the blade.

Despite all these tools, MTI’s KeySnap weighs just 0.03 kg (32.1g). It is even TSA-compliant, making it a genuine everyday carry that you can bring with you on air flights. It is also crafted for longevity using strong and durable yet lightweight Grade-5 Titanium that’s been heat-treated for extra high resistance to temperature changes, corrosion, and to wear and tear. 

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Images courtesy of MTI